What You Should Know About PPSR
Posted On Oct 17 2018 | Advisories

What is PPSR?

The Personal Property Securities Register is a national online portal which provides you with all the information. Consumers seek information about the purchases that they make. People usually gather details from PPSR about any personal property before buying it. The property may include cars, artworks, or boats. Moreover, you can get to know about any security interest that is attached to the vehicle. Since a personal property with a security interest can be repossessed, this check gets rather necessary.

In fact, by paying a small amount of fee, you can get all the details in a search certificate.

Why do I need a PPSR check?

A PPSR check is extremely important. Buying a vehicle can be extremely exciting. However, you have to be a wise consumer while purchasing a personal property. Getting all the details about a car should be your first priority. A Personal Property Securities Register check gives you information about any security interest attached to the vehicle. If the owner of the vehicle fails to repay the loan, the vehicle can be repossessed. The financier of the vehicle can repossess the car to cover the debts. Therefore, getting a PPSR check is an essential process.

Where can I do a PPSR check?

You can do a PPSR check using a PPSR registration number. This number will allow you to access a registration which already exists. This registration number is a 15 digit number which is given to the owner when the security interest is registered. One can reach the PPSR online portal and enter the PPSR registration number. Make sure that you enter the correct registration number. If someone opts for a paid check, they will find the fee for the search on the display. The search is displayed on the screen with a unique search number. The consumer can also download the search results. On providing the email address, one can receive the search certificate on the mail.

How much does a PPSR check cost?

Before buying a car, make sure to perform a PPSR search. A consumer can conveniently do it on an online portal. You might have to pay a small fee to get all the details regarding a vehicle. For an online PPSR search, one has to pay approximately $3.40 per search. If you register financing statements online, the cost depends on the duration of a statement. It may cost $6.80 for 7 years or even less, $34 for 7 to 25 years and approximately $119 for a lifetime. One has to pay no fees for discharging financing statements.

How long will it take to complete a PPSR check?

A PPSR check is not a long process. One can perform this check on the online portal of PPSR. Once you enter all the details, you will get a Personal Property Securities Register registration number. This number will give you an access to all the details of the car. However, you may have to pay a small fee before performing the search. Make sure to keep a credit or debit card before performing a check. On making the payment, one can get the search results on the display. You can also download the invoice and search certificate. In fact, you will also receive this information on the email.

What do I need to conduct an online PPSR check on my own?

Before performing a PPSR check online, make sure to have the credit or debit card details. You will require these details while making the payment. The fee of the search will be stated before performing the search. The consumer can easily make the payment online. A registration number will help you access the information. This number is also called the VIN number. One can get the search results by entering the same number. You can download the search certificate online. However, having an email idea will be of great help. You will receive the search certificate on the email. It is important to have a record of your search results.

How can I do an Online PPSR check?

The procedure for performing an online PPSR check is very easy. Make sure you have all the details about the car. The owner of the car will provide a VIN number for the vehicle. This VIN number never changes and hence makes it easy to perform the search. The buyer can go on the Personal Property Securities Register website and enter this number. Make sure to enter as many details as possible. One might have to pay a fee before getting search results. This fee can be paid online using a debit or credit card. Once you make the payment, the search results will appear on the screen. You can download these results from the website itself. On providing the email address, these details will be sent on the e-mail.