Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Will You Collect My Car?
    • You simply need to show interest that you wish to sell your old car. Our people will collect the car at their own cost.
  • What Happens If I Don’t Enter The Full Details Of My Vehicle Condition?
    • It might prove to be a time consuming procedures at the end.
  • If I Don’t Enter Full Details Of My Car’s Condition What Happens?
    • We are initially unable to provide the value for your vehicle.
  • I Cannot Find My Car On Your Website?
    • Simply contact with us and we will provide you the best support and help possible.
  • How Will I Receive Payment For My Car?
    • You will be paid entirely by cash or the proceeds would be transferred to an account as per the demand made.
  • How Much Will You Buy My Car For?
    • You make sure that you are being paid to the maximum level by us.
  • How Do You Calculate The Online Valuation For My Car?
    • We have our own scoring patterns. The valuation is made by our field executives.
  • How Do I Reschedule A Day For You To Collect My Car?
    • We are available all the time. As per your convenience, you simply need to make an appointment.
  • How Do I Arrange A Day For My Car To Be Inspected?
    • You do not have to do anything from your end. You simply need to inform us and show your interest.
  • Do I Leave My Car With You If I Agree To Sell?
    • Once, you agree to sell old car the entire cost of both removal and repairing is borne by us. You will not have to wait for the buyer as the entire arrangement of payment is made then. It completely depends upon your choice for the mode of payment.
  • Your Vehicle Not Listed?
    • The car should be properly registered before the legal authority. Even if it is listed as a property of a person, proper documentation of conversion needs to be done.
  • We Buy All Types Of Cars Including;
    • You can even sell junk car for cash.
  • What Type Of Cars Do You Buy?
    • The best thing is that you can sell car, any condition of payment is accepted.
  • I Don’t Have A V5, Will You Buy My Car?
    • It is not an issue for us, we value the car as per the running conditions.
  • Why Should I Sell My Car To You?
    • We provide you money instantly so people like us to sell car for cash Brisbane.
  • My Local Garage Has Offered Me More Money To Part Exchange, Can You Match It?
    • We try to provide you a maximum price when compared to other Car Wreckers Brisbane.
  • How Do You Value My Car For A Quote?
    • We have some of the field executives who conduct certain inspection procedure after which the car is valued.
  • My Car Is An Import – Will You Buy My Car?
    • This is never an issue for us. You only need to maintain all the documents of our vehicle.
  • Will I Be Paid Cash for My Car?
    • If you wish to sell your car for cash Brisbane than instant money is being made available to you. Otherwise, on demand, the proceeds are even transferred in the accounts.
  • Selling My Car Is A Priority, How Quickly Can It Be Done?
    • Once you completely fill up the entire application form our team members try to reach you within a couple of days as soon as possible. After being satisfied with the inspections procedure, the value of the car is made.
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