Selling Your Old Car Privately
Posted On Apr 29 2021 | Sell Car
Did you know that selling has become a piece of cake nowadays? Creating a list on the hundreds of available car selling sites & you are done with the sale. Does doing business with strangers really worth the deal? Or going to dealers every weekend hoping that they will offer a good amount of cash for your car. Is it worth the sale?
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Undoubtedly, the private sale has many pros, but it has more cons. It ends up with a good deal, but not all-time efforts pay off that result. But you are taking various risks while dealing privately. As it comes with its own set of drawbacks, that’s mention below-

The Car’s Condition – Biggest Roadblock!!

Want the best price for your vehicle? No issues at all, everybody wants this & even try to sell it at maximum profit. Isn’t so? But what about the condition of your car? If your car looks like a fit for the scrapyard, how can you expect that another person will buy it even at the best price? Not possible!! It usually happens in a situation of private selling. The buyer won’t get it off either. All minor damages, i.e., scratch, ding, dent, or paint, will cost an arm & a leg. Many car selling experts recommend car sellers do all repairs even before selling them in the market. Would you like to spend on such expenses? Wouldn’t it break the bank if you don’t have a budget? Suppose, in case the buyer is ready to buy your car. But he or she is not going to offer you big bucks for sure due to repair issues.

Wastage of Time & Efforts Both

Realistically ask yourself how much time are you ready to put in the sale of an old car? However, it can take can take weeks to months. Most importantly, you need to be available to pick out all the calls of potential buyers & even take out time for test-drives meetings. In fact, writing a description about the car alone takes almost around an hour online. In addition to this, you need to click pictures online & then post them. As per car selling experts, the majority of people abandon their private car sale projects midway. The reason is being that they can’t afford to spend their precious time & efforts on this option. In a nutshell, you need to go through the following steps when you deal privately-


It Starts with advertising your old cars on paid classified ads. Without promotion, you can’t reach out to the people. In case you find a buyer within your friends, family, and colleagues’ circle, consider yourself lucky enough if he or she is ready to pay a reasonable price. Or, if you have an extensive social media presence, go for a Facebook marketplace that would be perfect. But also remember, the more sites you post the ads, the more inquiries & test drives you need to handle.

Answering Inquiries

One needs to make them present on the mode of communication that they have listed, i.e., Phone or E-mails. It often becomes frustrating. So, if you are ready to handle all inquiries only then, go ahead with this process.

Test-Drive Meetings

Car Seller will have to face lots of test-drive meetings; however, some of them can be a fraud. But you need to schedule it with proper precautions.

Fixing Up Car’s Issues

It would be best to repair all the minor or major repairs before selling it; otherwise, you won’t get the price you asked for. Selling an old car is like organizing an open house. However, it needs to be clean from inside as well as outside for the best price deal. Moreover, it will cost a fortune to fix up all issues.

Handling Paperwork

Don’t you think that standing in endless queues at the local DMV is quite frustrating? This is what you need to do while private selling. Isn’t it so strange? The entire paperwork will be your responsibility, right from transferring ownership to getting Bill of sale documents in DMV. How unpleasant it can be, you can’t even imagine.

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