Posted On Oct 18 2019 | Advisories

Toyota Hilux Reviews

The popularity of the car depends on its sales. Even if Hilux splits from Toyota and formed its own company, it will be the 10th largest Automotive brand in Australia. The car by its single model can boast more customers than Honda and Subaru. Despite having a lot of options, Hilux still stands to be the best. In 2018, the cells of the car read 47093 in June itself. It was 5000 more than its previous sales. The car has got evergreen to pick up that Toyota has been selling, the most number of cars in Australia. This is happening from the past 15 consecutive years. Toyota explanation for Hilux popularity. It was explained by Toyota Australia President and CEO Mathew Gallacher. He said the car is an adventure-ready model. The sales of the SUV car have grown 14% during 2017. While the sales of LCVs rose 18.9%. this increase in the demand for Hilux shows the rising popularity of SUVs. The car is capable of offering adventurous rights with car-like features and Comforts. Love to buy a Toyota Hilux? Get the estimated value of your old car today.

Strong points of Hilux

1. Reliability

The car is popular for its reliability. It is well deserved for the car. The car is marketed as Unbreakable. The name itself suggests this. The car has got durable Top Gear that makes it standard. You will get a heavy, song and ladder-rail features in the car. This feature helps it to handle loads and rough roads easily.

2. Revered engine line-up

The car is only the model with a petrol engine. But it’s famous for its powerful diesel engine that car reviewer praises. The current model of the car comes with 2.4 litres turbocharged Diesel. There is an option of 2.8 litres available for you. The old models of the car have hit over 240000 km or 300000 km on its original engine and gearbox. In 2001, a Denmark farmer achieved over 620000 km with the car.

3. Sensible running cost

The cost of running the car is reasonable. Given below is a report as per RACQ. This is the running cost if you drive your car across 5 years of 15,000 km. the maintenance of the car will cost $240 for first 6 services. The Rival Ford Ranger will cost you $375 for 1st year and $550 for 2nd-year maintenance. There is a huge difference in the maintenance of both cars. This lower servicing cost and reduced depreciation along with on-road cost and insurance make a big difference to the wallet.

4. Expensive model Range

There are various different trims available to suit the driver’s needs. Hilux is the one that suits most of their needs. The car can be purchased as a double cab pickup or as King cab or with a tray. Thus, the car is perfect for every trip. You can carry any equipment or bales of lay with the car. In short, the car is perfect for adventure lovers. It offers all the features that anyone will want in his car.