Tyre Rotation And Alignment
Posted On Oct 18 2018 | Car Maintenance Tips
It must be interesting to know that rotation and alignment done regularly can help you save bucks. The correct alignment and regular rotation of tyres might also help add up mileage.

Why should I rotate my tyres?

It is important for one to keep a check on their tyres. A life of a tyre also depends on how regularly you are inspecting it. For a safe drive, make sure you frequently rotate the tyres. If you want to avoid uneven wear on your tyres, you must ensure regular rotation. Moreover, you can also avoid the unwanted noises tyres might cause. Regular rotation also ensures that your tyre is not creating any uncomfortable vibration. If you own a 4×4, regular rotation become even more necessary. Therefore rotating your tyres will prevent any uneven wear hence increasing the life of a tyre.

How should a rotation be done?

During rotation of the tyres of a rear wheel drive, we have to move the rear tyres straight to the front. The front tyres are to be moved diagonally to the opposite side of the vehicle. However, in the case of 4×4 or front drive wheel, exactly opposite rotation takes place in the tyres.

Rotating tyres helps in the following ways:

  • The front tyres of a car tend to get a heel to toe wear. If you rotate the front tyres to the opposite side of the vehicle, it helps to flatten the tyre before wear gets worse. Moreover, this will ensure an equal wear on tyres of both sides. Doing this increases the life of a tyre set.
  • You must rotate your tyres in this manner after every 10000 kms. In this manner, you can ensure that there is no uneven wear on the tyres of both sides. You can later replace the entire set of tyres at the same time. Replacing the entire set is more advisable than replacing individual tyres. This helps create balance for your drive.
  • You can also add the spare tyre in this rotation. By doing this, you can increase the life of a tyre set.