things you should carry in your car
Posted On Nov 03 2018 | Advisories
Who doesn’t like travelling! A plan made, all packed and you jump into your car. All excited, enthusiastic. Your bag is loaded with food, books, travel games and what not. But a journey is not fun always. To sustain the hardships, there are some necessary things you need to carry along.

Read the article to know what all they are and do not forget them.

No one can guess when and where their car’s going to break down. It’s normally a very sudden failure that can drop you miles away from help (and sometimes even out of cell phone range). That said, there’s a bunch of stuff you should be managing in your vehicle at all times—with no complaints—that could instantly get you back on the path, and maybe even protect your life.

1. First aid kit

Imagine you meet with an injury while travelling. A minor accident or a bruise. Or you might start feeling giddy and nauseated. These are the little obnoxious hindrances to your beautiful trip. Therefore to avoid these, a first aid kit containing medicines, bandages, band-aids, etc is a must.

2. Torch

Imagine you are driving on a highway or on a road on the outskirts at night and you have to pee urgently. What would you do if you had not carry that light of hope along? Also, if you halt by and decide to camp, a torch is something you need to have at that moment.

3. Mobile phone

Now, this need not be mentioned specifically. Life comes to a halt without our smartphones vibrating every now and then. Therefore you would forget yourself nut, not your phone. Phones can be of great help during emergencies as you can contact people and get help as soon as possible.

4. Maps /directions

This is essential as it lessens the amount of travel time. You don’t want yourself arriving late at your best friend’s birthday just because you didn’t remember the route, do you? Hence it is on the safer side that you put in a map of the city you live in your car. Although nowadays GPS in our phones and cars to has lessened all the man labour.

5. Road ready spare tire

Ouch! Did something prick your tire? Now that’s a huge disappointment as you cannot proceed further with a punctured tyre. Hence, make sure you always have an extra tire kept in your bike beforehand.

6. Umbrella/raincoat

How many times have you regretted forgetting your umbrella back at home? You just can’t get out of your car in the pouring rain. To avoid such a situation buy two umbrellas. One for your car and one at home.

7. Pen and paper

This might be the most basic but let me tell you if you don’t put this in your “to carry” list, you will forget this. It’s always beneficial to have a notepad and pen when you travel anywhere. You can note down your expenses or any important contact numbers.

8. Owner’s manual

This is a must again because you never know what trouble your car may give you in the middle of your trip. And I’m damn sure that even though it’s been years you’ve bought your car, you still don’t know half of its features. The manual has it all. Whenever you face any problem with the vehicle, open and read.

9. A reflective safety triangle

This can be used as a warning sign to let the vehicles that pass by know that your car has broken down at night. This will avoid the other driver from crashing into your car.

10. Spares/tools

If your car is old and not trustworthy, it is better you carry you mini mechanic kit along so that you can handle all the minor problems instead of running around looking for a mechanic in the middle of nowhere!