Used Car Dealer Brisbane
Posted On May 31 2019 | Advisories

When you think of buying an old car, make sure that you ask the used car dealer about all the doubts and queries you might have:


Q:  Ask for the pre-certification paperwork

  • Ans- If the car is a certified car, it will have gone through an inspection before it received the certification. This is proof that the car has official certification.

Q: Who was the previous owner of the vehicle?

  • Ans- It is essential to know who owned the car previously and go through its maintenance records to ensure that the vehicle has been assessed thoroughly.

Q: Where did the car get its certification?

  • Ans- You should ensure that the car has been certified as a pre-owned car by the manufacturer. It is the only certification that is accurate.

Q: What distance is allowed for a test drive?

  • Ans- You can take a used car for an extended test drive, sometimes even overnight. You just have to ensure that you take complete responsibility for the vehicle and abide by the terms set by the dealership.

Q: Does the dealership offer a Car Fax report before you buy the car?

  • Ans- All reputable dealerships provide a report on the car. You need to make sure that the report is not fabricated and the number on it matches in VIN of the vehicle that you want to buy.

Q: What Return policy does the dealership offer?

  • Ans- Although no dealership will offer you a cash back on your purchase, there can be other services that they could provide. Reputable dealerships will allow you to trade in your car for another same value vehicle.
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Q: What is the cash price for the used car?

  • Ans- Try to purchase the used car at the lowest price possible. Negotiating based on specific pros and cons of buying the vehicle can help you strike a good deal. You cannot just agree to whatever amount the dealership asks. Remember that you are purchasing a used car which may require some repair work and a lot of maintenance throughout its use. So put up a good offer for the car.

Q: What new equipment do you get with the deal?

  • Ans- This is like looking for free gifts with purchase. You should try to convince the dealer to throw in some equipment to make up for whatever small problems the car may have. This will help you reduce your expenses on the car.

Q: What service was done by the dealership on the used car?

  • Ans- Knowing what services the dealership has provided for the used car is a good way of understanding how much money you will have to spare for the car after you acquire it.

Q: Do you trade-in cars?

  • Ans- You can use the dealership to sell your old or used car too. You can ask them about the services they offer to buy old and used cars. You can quickly sell your car to them and get rid of the trouble of selling the car to a buyer, yourself.
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